Neat Stats on Smartphone Ownership

So you have a senior parents who’s interested in smartphone? Here’s a story, and some interesting statistics to boot.

Last Wednesday I dropped my iPhone on the driveway. I’ve managed to avoid such a mishap for more than two-and-a-half years, but Wednesday was my day of reckoning, I guess. The touch screen shattered like safety glass, not falling apart, so I put clear package tape on the screen to ensure it did not come apart while I made some fast decisions. Interestingly, the touch screen still worked and with the tape, I could carry on.

At first I thought I might just purchase a new iPhone the next morning, but then I remembered that the presumed announcement for the iPhone 5 is next week, in early October. Also, I’ve promised to give my 85-year-old mom my iPhone when I get a new one. She is really excited about this, and if you read a recent post, Smartphone Ownership Among Boomers and Seniors Explodes, over at Aging Onlineyou’ll understand a bit more about why mom is eager to get started with a smartphone.

The thing is, she is simply tired of everyone else being able to look things up on their phones when she can’t do it too.

So I googled iPhone repair and the name of my town, and sure enough, not too far away was a vendor that repairs touch screens, and sometimes they can do the fix while a person waits. I drove over hoping that they might be able to replace the screen, but with few hopes that I might be able to wait for it.

HAPPY ENDING: I did get to wait for it. I took the phone over at 10:40 in the morning and by 11:20 I had paid for the repair and was on my way back to work. Great for everyone. Mom still gets a perfectly good working iPhone with a brand new screen, and I’ll get to buy the newest one when it goes on sale this fall.

Coming soon —Mom Masters her iPhone.

One thought on “Neat Stats on Smartphone Ownership

  1. Nice happy ending story… I remember my mom whose at her 60’s also wants a smart phone just because of the same reason to be on the trend. Well I guess i will be happy to see her smile with a new smart phone 🙂


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