4 Anti-Rudeness Lessons From My Mom

Mom, Dad, and me on their 60th anniversary.

It seems to be in vogue to be rude.

From media and shouting television personalities, to drivers, to people’s online behavior, to members of the House of Representatives, rudeness seems to be a part of our daily life. Some people seem to be proud of it. Trouble is, the behavior is mean, nasty, and downright disrespectful. Not something to be proud of…

I’m grateful, during these days of behavior confusion, that years ago my mom insisted that I understand that it’s NOT all right to act this way. It’s OK to be assertive and sure of your point of view, and it’s even OK to ardently disagree (and even irritated), but it’s not OK to be mean and rude. Now age 84, my mom continues to follow these rules.

Four Lessons Mom Insisted that I Learn

1.  Think before you say something. If the only thing you can say is disrespectful or rude, don’t say it.

2. People with different points of view can respect one another. Sometimes, but not always, they can be friends.

3. The things you believe in are not always the things that everyone else believes in. Sometimes it’s necessary to settle for not being in the mainstream.

4. Don’t be rude back. It may feel good for a moment, but it doesn’t help in the long run.

Wisdom from mom, and all-in-all, not such bad rules to keep in mind.

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