Cooking and Eating on Vacation: Low Sodium Diet, Part V

We are vacationing at our family’s cottage in the North Country of New York state. We have lots of time to cook and eat, and it’s actually been fun to focus a bit more on low-sodium meals. Our relaxed experience here may give us a leg up when we go home to our more crowded lives.

Our big sodium challenges continue to be crackers and bread. Otherwise, we are not using salt shakers, have cut down immensely on processed foods, and in some cases we have stopped adding any salt at all, even though the recipes call for minimal additions. We’ve also made some interesting and healthy food discoveries.

Stopping for groceries on the way up to the cottage, we headed for a Wegmans and a Price Chopper. Between them we found some low-sodium diet winners.

We are also using a number of Penzey’s low sodium spices including the mural of flavor and the pasta sprinkle.

I’ve also found another good handout Reducing Sodium in Your Diet, that’s available in PDF form from the McKinley Health Center in Illinois.

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