Aging: Ford Makes Font Size Modifications on Dashboards

Ford Motors, surely anticipating aging boomers and wanting to make Ford automobiles as attractive as possible to everyone, has decided to increase the font size on interior display screens. Read, the article, Ford to Boomers: Can You Read This Now? The article, by Catey Hill, points out that initially the company is changing font size in the Ford Edge and the Ford Explorer. I bet other Ford models can’t be far behind.

Other technology is developing out in car land, including technology that help drivers detect whether another car is in a blind spot. Read this review of the 2011 Lincoln MKZ.

This just confirms how important it is for product developers to understand that seniors, those aging now and the huge number of boomers coming down the aging pike, do not want products designed for old people. Instead they search for good products, especially those that they have used for years, that have the potential to be modified as necessary.

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