Multi-Generational Teams Work Best: Surprise!?

Have you been ever in a work situation where you feel especially old because younger colleagues occasionally roll their eyes or flaunt their up-to-the-minute technology skills? Does this situation make you speak defensively, sometimes making jokes about senior moments or aging? We’ve all been there!

Read, Why Multi-Generational Teams Are Bestover at bNet, the CBS Interactive Business Network, and feel much better about your age and the contributions that you make at work.

Two broad reasons that a variety of age groups work together well and produce better results are:

  • Every generation has its blind spots so the different ages and perspective help to avoid problems and compensate for them.
  • Each generation can shine based on individuals’ experience.

Read the full article. Writer Jessica Stillman bases her report on a recent post at CAREEREALISM.

Read a fable, illustrating multigenerational cooperation, that Dr. Bill Thomas posted at his Changing Aging site.

4 thoughts on “Multi-Generational Teams Work Best: Surprise!?

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  4. Reblogged this on Media! Tech! Parenting! and commented:

    I keep hearing about really knowledgeable and skilled people in their 50s and 60s who are searching for jobs and not getting them. As I chat with them at different times and different places, each has a sense that age plays a role in not getting at least some of the jobs they seek.

    I am reblogging a popular post from a few years ago about multi-age work teams.

    Ageism in hiring practices is a terrible mistake, not just because it’s wrong but because it weakens workplace. Multi-age teams produces better products and services and while research keeps confirming this employers are slow to catch on.


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