Congestive Heart Failure-Reliable Resources to Help Adult Children Learn More

Since my dad was in the hospital due to complications of congestive heart failure, I’ve compiled these resources to help me learn a lot more about the condition.

Five Tips to Keep in Mind When You Search for Medical Information on the Web (Subtitle: Be Sure You Are Reading Accurate Information.)

  1. Use sites affiliated with research institutions, professional groups, and hospitals, and confirm that a site’s information has been checked out with experts in the field before it’s published.
  2. Stay away from sites where people moan and groan about medical problems. The complaints often eclipse the quality of the medical information.
  3. If you are unsure about a site, check with a librarian at your local public library or your hospital’s library.
  4. Use the web information to learn and to help you formulate questions. Write these questions down if you plan to bring the information to your physician.
  5. No web information is a substitute for calling or meeting with you physician.

Suggested Websites

A Few Recent Articles on Congestive Heart Failure (not medical sites)

One thought on “Congestive Heart Failure-Reliable Resources to Help Adult Children Learn More

  1. Marti;
    Althought I am of your parents’ generation, I am an avid daily reader & find your blogs highly informative and full of useful ideas.
    I have bookmarked most of them so I can go back and re read later. and perhaps can point to them to my children when and if the need arises.
    Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!


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