Senior Parent Hospitalization, #4: Observations from My Dad

Dad, Mom, and Me!

I have more posts to share about Dad’s time in the hospital, but today, when he arrived home from the hospital, Dad sat down with his iPad and wrote these thoughts about his time as a patient. You may also enjoy the iPad for Dad series on this blog. Read more of the Senior Parent Hospitalization series. (MW)

…comments from my Dad…

On May 12, I was admitted to Rockingham Memorial Hospital (RMH) with complications from congestive heart failure (CHF).

It happened that I was invited to provide a Bible meditation for a study group at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community at the fourth floor apartment of another retired couple. They provided us with a delicious supper in the dining room and took us to their lovely apartment.

I was able to lead the study session until the final five minutes when a sense of strain affected my voice, and I struggled to complete the rest of the presentation. I excused myself from the session and went into the hallway to find a drink of water. 

I had trouble breathing and developed a dizzy feeling so I lay down on the floor. My wife, Ella, came out to help me and another woman called 911. Shortly thereafter the Harrisonburg Rescue team arrived, helped me onto a gurney, and took me to the new RMH campus, where I was immediately treated in the emergency department and, within a short time, assigned a room in the cardiac treatment area.

Five days later I am home, having received gracious care for my heart condition at RMH. My wife stood with me and has collected many ideas to support my convalescence. Martha and Richard, my daughter and her husband, responded immediately driving all the way from Arlington in the middle of the night, and each gave some time to being with me at night in my hospital room. Even my granddaughter, Rachel, now a busy pediatric resident in Boston, Massachusetts, took the time to call and offer support and interpretation.

The hospital staff members were caring and kind, and no one made me feel old. My physicians, Drs. Yoder and Day were stellar. Others visitors included the RMH chaplain of the day, Pat Martin, Pastor Lehman, the Chaplain at VMRC, and our minister at Asbury United Methodist Church, Kathleen Overby Webster. Among our best solitary moments at VMRC? The discovery of a section of TV services that aired light blues of past years – Thelonious Monk, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis et al.

These past five days have been an eye-opener.

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