Just Die Already???

Read the post at Changing Aging.

Check out today’s post, No Need for Death Threats! over at Changing Aging, Dr. Bill Thomas’ blog. He snapped this picture of this magazine cover at the airport in Philadelphia. I am beginning to believe that the next 30 years will be generationally tough, not only for our parents but also for us, the adult children who are following right behind.

I am going to Philly for a conference next month. I won’t buy the magazine this time. The blame for this type of thing can be placed squarely on the shoulders people who opine about budgets, intentionally creating generational rifts, to get political attention, but the same people do nothing to really solve our problems. Already twenty and thirty somethings indicate in a variety of ways that boomers are the problem — precisely the type of rifts that make people think this magazine cover is appropriate.

Head on over to read the post.  B.T.W. I shared this on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter.

One thought on “Just Die Already???

  1. People play with fire and get burned. This rhetoric fosters intergenerational conflict in return for what— Newsstand sales for a magazine?

    Thanks for calling this out. Love what you are doing with this blog.


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