Caregiving and Mobile Technology: We Need to Learn More

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Mobile technology is moving into our lives — whether it’s the phone we carry, the newspaper we read, the heart monitor we must wear for a few days, the smart pass we use at tollbooths, or the gadget that helps to monitor a senior parent with balance issues but who lives alone. Increasingly, mobile gadgets assist us on a daily basis as we accomplish our daily tasks.

Last November the head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis S. Collins, M.S., Ph.D., gave a short talk on mobile technology in the health care world. Highlights of his talk, Mobile Technology and Health Care, are posted online at the Medline Plus Magazine. The library publishes the magazine several times a year, and it can often be found in physician waiting areas. However, each issue is available online as well.

In the health field mobile technology supports research, patient treatments, and health care data. To increase the public’s access to high-quality, well vetted information the National Library of Medicine provides wide-ranging resources at MedlinePlus, all of it presented to help people learn and understand more about the human body, disease, prevention, and wellness. The information is online, well written, easy to access, and for the person who wants to learn more, linked to additional resources. Individuals can use computers but can just as easily be accessed wirelessly via a mobile phone, tablet, or iPad.

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