As We Age: Keeping In-Touch with Tech Changes

Pandigital Frame Purchased for My Home and for My Parents

A couple of weeks ago in my post, A Gardening Product for Everyone but Great for Seniors, I wrote about a gardener’s product that I discovered — one that was modular and light-weight, thus making it easier for me to continue creating flower and herb gardens without all of the heavy lifting. The product was attractive and useful to people of all ages, not just those of us who have been gardeners for 35 years.

The March 2, 2011 New York Times published a similar article about technology. In Staying in Touch With Technology reporter Sam Grobert describes mainstream technologies that are useful and fun for people who are working as well as for those who have retired. The author covers a range of technology innovations from Skype to video game consoles, to interactive picture frames, to tablets of all sorts.

A good product should be interesting to people at various ages. If it has an added component that makes it especially useful to a person who is aging, so much the better. In the case of technology products, an added value is how a product keeps people engaged as lifelong learners, and how it makes people want to learn more.

The article concludes:

These products and services are not radical departures from everyday life, but they can make measurable improvements, allowing people to be more connected, efficient and informed. And since those goals are not age-restricted, neither should the products that help attain them.

Take a few minutes to read the whole story.

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