iPad for Dad, #17: Who’s Managing Dad’s iPad?

Last April, when I purchased Dad’s birthday iPad, I set it up to download and sync on my computer. For the past ten months I have updated the iPad and kept track of apps they might like, downloading applications when I visit. Things have been just peachy. Until now.

This past Saturday when I was visiting my parents, age 87 and 83, they asked, out of the blue, if they can download apps and how they might go about it. I explained how I have the iPad set up. That’s when they both looked me in the eye and asked me to make changes that will allow them to manage the iPad.

I pointed out that they will need to learn to use iTunes. I described how they will lose what is currently on the iPad when we sync it with their computer.  They smiled, pointed out that everything is backed-up, and said they would love to learn more about their iPad.

I sighed and gave them a “woe is me” look, telling them how much work it would be for me.  I mentioned that we may have to pay for a few apps a second time. They were concerned and sympathetic. Of course they don’t want to make more work for me, but they want to be in charge of their iPad.

Having senior parents, in their 80’s, who want to keep learning how to use new technology tools is not a problem.  A challenge maybe and perhaps more work, but definitely not a problem.

So the bottom line?  I will make the changes when I next visit, installing iTunes on my mother’s new Dell computer, setting up an account for them at the app store (You know they are committed when they hear that the App store will keep their credit card on file, and they do not blink.), and we will sync the iPad on their computer.

Next task:  a lesson on downloading apps!

How lucky I am to have parents who continue to be engaged by new information.  Oh, and things are still just peachy!

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5 thoughts on “iPad for Dad, #17: Who’s Managing Dad’s iPad?

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  3. Don’t know if you have already discovered this, but you can transfer all apps and purchases from the iPad to your parents’ copy of iTunes before syncing. If you like, I can send you the written instructions that I gave my parents for doing this. There is also some information here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1848


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