Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Radio

This morning I discovered a terrific and educational weekly radio program, Medical Edge Radio Weekend, a Saturday morning broadcast from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The program is easily accessible on the web. From a Twitter post I learned that the today’s (February 12, 2011) broadcast featured cardiologist, Dr. Rekha Mankad. For nearly an hour, Dr. Mankad shared information, answered call-in, e-mail, and Twitter questions about heart problems and women. I learned a lot and plan to return to the site to listen to archived programs as well as new broadcasts.

Radio Host Dr. Tom Shives

After the program I headed over to the home page of Medical Edge Radio to learn more, and I learned a lot. Program host Tom Shives, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, welcomes Mayo Clinic physician guests each week, and he works the phones, interacting with callers and adding in a steady stream of questions from followers at the Mayo Clinic Twitter site (#mayoclinic). The Twitter site also announces the details of the Saturday morning program.

The Medical Edge Radio website archives past programs at the Mayo Clinic’s radio site. Past episodes focus on  infectious diseases and vaccines, geriatric medicine, urology, and osteoporosis. A program on hypertension was broadcast in September.

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