Dale Carter – Transitioning Your Aging Parents Book Tour

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Dale Carter’s book, Transitioning Your Aging Parent, is a must read for anyone with senior parents who need extra support. The book has been well reviewed — a resource that helps right now, and honestly, it still may be a useful resource years from now when we require support from our children. Follow Dale’s blog, Transition Aging Parents, her blog radio podcasts, or just chat with her for a short time.  You’ll discover she’s a born communicator who uses web 2.0 digital tools to share her expertise.

Now Dale is heading off on a author’s tour, traveling in a few days to the Atlanta area and then on to Florida. In this day and age of instant digital communication, a book tour seems almost a quaint literary device from the past, so I am always glad to hear that a friend or colleague is off on a tour to share a book and meet potential readers up close and in person.

If you live in the Atlanta area or in Florida, check out Dale’s post on her blog to get additional information about the book tour and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about gently and respectfully helping parents — not to mention yourself — through a time of life that can be challenging for everyone involved.

Maybe her next tour can be in my area — Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC,

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