Strokes Don’t Just Happen to Aging Parents

Many middle-aged adults listen to Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion commentaries on life, and a good number of us have been tuning into the radio program for 30 years or so. Few aspects of daily experience escape his humorous and sage observations —  families, travel, children, politics, writing, arts — you name it, and not surprisingly, aging and health topics have always fit right into Keillor’s narratives. He’s entertaining, yes, but over the three decades he has accurately chronicled the past, described the present, and given us glimpses into future. Our past, present, and future.

Click to read Keillor's story.

Now Keillor has another story to share, and it too relates to our future. In a Men’s Health article, My Above-Average Stroke, he describes a recent and, lucky for him, mild stroke. Read his article, published in the December issue.

Keillor’s gift is his ability to mine the human mind for ideas and tell stories that give us a glimpse into our inner selves. Usually he makes us laugh, but the stories always making us think. His stroke article, an eye-witness account of a health event that just may happen to some of us, makes the reader think — a lot.

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