Remembrances: Keeping Memories Alive

How can we remember a loved one and all of the cherished memories?

In other blog posts I’ve described how my family went about writing remembrances and obituaries, and I’ve seen a number of wonderful media presentations sharing pictures, video, and spoken tributes. One good friend hosted a hymn-sing remembrance, an evening of friends singing and sharing memories. Another went through pictures and various letters and designed a presentation to play on digital picture frame — and it was easy to share with other family members.

Recently my friend Sara shared a remembrance project, a tribute to four mothers who were good friends in their retirement community and church. After two of the women died their adult children compiled a cookbook of dessert recipes, memories, and tributes to honor the friendships. Fondly referred to as the “Fearsome Foursome” in their local Presbyterian church in North Carolina, the mothers were well-known and respected for their faith, courage, love, and spirit.

This proceeds from this delightful remembrance, The Fearsome Foursome Cookbook: Desserts from Four Sweet Cookies, benefit the church where the women were members.

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One thought on “Remembrances: Keeping Memories Alive

  1. The concept of memories is very strong. We at Life Echoes produce a book which is specifically designed to integrate recollections and photographs from many generational sources so that the information can be passed along to future generations. When three generations from now someone asks the questions “Where did my family come from, where did they live, what did they do, etc?” the book, containing the legacy history is there for all to read and see.


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