Lots of Seniors on Social Networks!

According to a December 15, 2010 USA Today article, people over age 65 are the fastest growing group of social networking users. Seniors Surge on Social Networks, by Janis Lloyd, described Generations 2010 by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, a report that examines the variation in Internet and social networking experiences among various age groups.

For adult children whose parents are older seniors, the Pew report presents fascinating data. “While the youngest generations are still significantly more likely to use social network sites, the fastest growth has come from internet users 74 and older: social network site usage for this oldest cohort has quadrupled since 2008, from 4% to 16%.” This change occurred between 2008 and 2010.

The USA Today article also points out that the U.S. Administration on Aging has released a guide to help older people learn about life online, from joining social networks to hooking up to Skype and exploring Google.

Below are links to several As Our Parents Age posts about seniors’ activities in the digital world.

3 thoughts on “Lots of Seniors on Social Networks!

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  3. My parents have profiles on social networks, that is how they stay in touch with their relatives and even childhood friends. I think it’s important that they have quality social life as well. Mine are even thinking to go to some of the aged care facilities . Some of their dear and close friends are there and that way they’ll always have company. I think that might be good for them…


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