Immunization Updates? For Senior Parents and Adult Children

When we are sick or injured or when we are planning to travel, we often try to recall past immunizations as well as determine if boosters are required. Yearly flu shots and the special pneumonia shots for our senior parents are fairly easy to remember. However, the boosters that update past inoculations are more difficult to recall. Most of us do not keep good enough records about our immunizations, and because we move from place to place, or at least doctor to doctor, our medical charts are not as complete as they should be.

The MedlinePlus immunization page gives a lot more information. If you are traveling the CDC’s Travelers’ Health page also gives vaccination information.

Early this fall, because of my work, I went to my doctor to get a booster for pertussis, and sure enough, cases are in my area right now. I am glad I got the booster. Check out my post on Seniors and Whooping Cough Vaccine.

For a great immunization review, take this Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz. When you finish click the My Results button.

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