Great Interview With Dr. Berwick at JAMA

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Medicare Head Donald M. Berwick, MD, Takes on Mission of Health System Reform, should put to rest any doubt about his commitment to high quality medicine and to seniors’ access to it. The article is free and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Some Thoughtful Comments
from the Interview Demonstrate Dr. Berwick’s Commitment

  • It has to be what I call the triple aim: better care, better health, and lower per capita cost at the same time.
  • It is possible in this country—it is within reach—to have everybody get the care they want and need, exactly how they want and need, and at a cost we can afford.
  • If we get a system that is organized around quality of care, where we are trying to make patients and families and communities continually better off, then the same people giving care right now in a less effective system will find a way to do that and thrive in a more effective one.

Seniors and adult children can do themselves a great service by turning off the television every time a commercial or commentator raises doubt and attempts to create fear about the commitment to Medicare in this country. Check out my recent post, Advertising: Do Seniors Need Media Literacy Training?

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