As Our Parents Age First Anniversary!

A year ago this blog, As Our Parents Age, uploaded its first posts. A few paragraphs that I wrote in a journal about caregiving and my need to know so much more, inspired me to get started. One of my first posts described how people speak in weird ways to seniors, shortly after my dad was in the hospital for a few days.

Huge thanks to many individuals who have supported As Our Parents Age during the last 12 months — readers, editors, other blogs and blog writers, caregivers, friends, family, so many loving adult children and, of course my dad and his iPad. 

Here’s to a successful second year!

N.B. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, and more than a few readers have pointed this out, look at As Our Parents Age in a slightly different way and it reads A Sour Parent Sage. Perhaps in the blog’s second year this alter-ego will upload a few posts!

3 thoughts on “As Our Parents Age First Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations, Marti, on your 1st anniverary. As you know we are celebrating 6 months at Inside Aging Parent Care. One of the things we like best about blogging is that we are meeting wonderful new friends like you. We love AYPA–always learning new things and finding just the information we need right now.

    Thanks for all your hard work–all this and a caregiver too!



  2. Thank you so much for all the information you provide! It’s really helped me- I’m researching how to become a caregiver for my elderly parents.

    I found this website,, which has offered a lot of helpful suggestions and information.

    I just wanted to pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

    ShareWIK stands for Share What I Know, and the site offers information from doctors and other experts as well as stories and advice from people who’ve had to go through the pain of ‘parenting your parent.’ (This links to a really interesting video featuring several individuals who share their experiences) (This links to a blog post by a woman who shares her experiences transitioning her mother from independent to assisted living. Very insightful.)

    Hopefully you find these links as helpful as I did!


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