Health Care Law and Medicare

A Kaiser Health News (KHN) article written in collaboration with a reporter at the Washington Post analyzes some of the campaign claims about the health care bill, including Medicare changes and potential changes in our coverage. The piece identifies, with clear explanations, what assertions are true and what are false (or at least strongly exaggerated). In the October 19, 2010 report, Campaign Claims: Health Law Myths and Facts, reporters Julie Appleby (KHN) and N.C. Aizenman (Post) provide information about the claims skyrocketing premiums as well as the effects from expanding Medicaid coverage to people who currently have little access to health care.

Definitely an article worth reading so we can understand more and also be less influenced by the many political advertisements in the coming days before the November election. The reporters also include Medicare information that we can share with our aging parents, thereby helping them feel a less stressed about their future Medicare benefits.

Another document that can help  with aging parent Medicare conversations is Health Care Reform: Fact vs. Fiction, published by the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging.

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