Extraordinary PBS Interview on Caregiving – Dr. Arthur Kleinman

In Caregiving: Feelings and Emotions I described several commentaries,written by Arthur Kleinman, MD, a psychiatrist and professor at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Kleinman wrote about providing care for his wife, Joan. The post explained:

Dr. Kleinman, a caregiver for his wife, Joan, who has Alzheimer’s disease, writes eloquently about the emotions, the frustrations, the devastation — but also about an inner “moral core” —  that forms when a caregiver protects, assists, supports, and goes about caring for another person. He calls caregiving “a foundational component of moral experience.”

Today I discovered an October  1, 2010 PBS interview with Dr. Kleinman. The video segment and transcript are posted at the PBS site of Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. Dr. Kleinman discusses caregiving, long-term care, marriage, love, stress and much more. Though the segment is only a few minutes long, it is extraordinary interview demonstrating Dr. Kleinman’s legacy of love for his wife.

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