Are We Ever Old?

Just when do we become old?  Carolyn Rosenblatt, in her Aging Parents blog over at Forbes, asks this question. Months ago I wrote a post, Aging Parents: Bodies Slower but Same World View, describing how my 90-year-old grandmother giggled like a schoolgirl when  good-looking men strolled by on the boardwalk. The view from her eyes had nothing to do with her age. What an amazing lesson that was for me.

When Do We Become Old?, Rosenblatt’s post on September 22, 2010, points out that people, no matter what age, do not like to think of themselves as old, and no one wants to lose control of life.

In our relationships with aging parents we rely on gentleness, thoughtfulness, and wisdom, but successful interaction requires us to recognize these same qualities in our parents.

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