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As Our Parents Age has posted many pieces on seniors and falling — a topic near and dear after two of our senior parents fell numerous times in their later years. Over at Aging in Place Technology Watch, Laurie Orlof posted comments and thoughts about senior falls on September 12, 2010. She also reviewed some recent research, puzzling on why the number of falls remains so high. It is worth taking the time to read, and also to consider signing up for Laurie’s blog updates and Twitter posts (AgingTech). So much to learn!

One comment in her post rang true for my family.

According to the CDC, each year 40% of seniors fall (up from 30% ten years ago). I was thinking about this during a few visits to assisted living communities this past week, when the tour guide mentioned the personal, carefully designed ‘chair exercise’ program. Okay.

That last word — Okay — was full of doubt. Exactly how we felt after my husband’s parents, enthusiastic walkers, fell on several occasions and both ended up exercising in chairs. Deterioration in movement skills, especially walking ability, was swift after they started chair exercises.

Three Past Posts by As Our Parents Age on Exercise, Falling, and Seniors

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