Long-lived Seniors Give Advice to Med Students

A delightful article appearing in the September 7, 2010 Cleveland Plain Dealer describes a panel discussion presented to second year medical students at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Panel members, all in their 90’s, told the medical students what physicians need to do to be more helpful to elderly patients. The article, Elders Share Secrets of Long Life with Medical Students at Case Western Reserve University by Ellen Kleinerman, is entertaining and engaging.

Senior and retired physician, Dr. Joseph Foley, 94, summed up the many comments when he said, “It’s a big mistake when we [doctors] fail to listen and not give our patients enough time to tell us their problems.” Moreover, the med students heard many other comments that were just as wise.

The panel discussion is a yearly event for second year medical students.

One thought on “Long-lived Seniors Give Advice to Med Students

  1. It’s a great article and a good reminder that all of us — at any age — are both givers and receivers. Seniors may need to receive physical help from younger people, but younger people also need to receive advice and perspective from seniors. All of us are stronger when we recognize our capacity to give AND receive.


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