Introducing… My Mom and Me: Two Perspectives

Mom, Her Mom, and Me - 1973

Tomorrow I will upload the first in a series of posts featuring a dialogue between my mother and me on a variety of topics that relate to aging, senior parents, and adult children.

Mom and I often talk about aging issues, occasionally heatedly. Sometimes our initial perspectives diverge, but the longer we talk, the more we discover how much our views have in common. The differences of opinion almost always arise because she has many more life experiences than I do and because I still have things in my life that she misses. Then there are the health issues.

As we worked on tomorrow’s submission, the drafts travelled back and forth, and we discovered the same thing — that our views about the aging landscape are not so different, but when they are it usually is because we occupy different places on the aging continuum.

Our discussion will be posted in two parts: From Mom and From Me. Our first topic is marginalization and aging.  Please stay tuned!

One thought on “Introducing… My Mom and Me: Two Perspectives

  1. What a great idea. Since my dad’s desire to protect us caused him to be very closed about his experience of aging, I especially value the thoughts and perspectives of people in your mother’s generation.

    Love those old photos, too!

    Thanks again, Marti, for all that you do.


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