New MedlinePlus Website – Terrific!

Visit the new, more user-friendly MedlinePlus website. As an advocate for aging parents, not to mention other family members, I find this new site terrific, easy to use, and well laid out. It’s colorful with carefully selected typefaces, and a user can get anywhere on the site with just a few clicks. After you explore a bit, navigate through the “cool tools and video” section (third green button on the right), with interactive videos illustrating a wide range of medical conditions and diagnostic procedures. Moreover, in keeping with its non-commercial policy  there is never advertising on MedlinePlus.

Below are a few more highlights that came in my e-mailed MedlinePlus announcement.

  • A Share button on all topic pages that allows you to share MedlinePlus content through your favorite social networks. See the Diabetic Diet topic page as an example.
  • Medical Dictionary search box on the English homepage for quick look-up of medical terms.
  • A search cloud widget on the homepage, and a widgets page where you can find options for embedding MedlinePlus content in your own blogs, personalized homepages, and other sites.

What I have always liked about MedlinePlus is the way the search features direct users to sites both inside and outside the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This feature guarantees that the outside websites you use have already been evaluated. The old MedlinePlus site was good at this, but the new site is even better.

N.B.  I just added the above MedlinePlus graphic link to the right-hand column of this blog. Just click to start a search.

2 thoughts on “New MedlinePlus Website – Terrific!

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