Three Medical Reference Sites for Aging Parents

The other day I asked some questions about a particular medication that has been prescribed for one of my parents. When we searched for information on the web, I realized that my parents’ computer needed permanent bookmarks to three reliable health and medical information sites:

All of my health and medical information searches begin at one of these sites. In my judgement  Medline Plus is preeminent, with its drug information, daily health story and research updates, online reference books, links to medical libraries all over the country (it is easy to locate one near where you live), and so much more. But the Mayo Clinic and WebMD sites are terrific. All three have unique features, so I often start at one location and then consult the other two. All direct a reader to additional links and resources on a topic.

In today’s digital world it is far too easy to find inaccurate, sometimes frightening information, or at the very least data that is misleading but masquerading as accurate. Too often people type in the name of a condition or medication and find themselves looking at links filled with complaints, grumbling, and caustic remarks.

Adult children should bookmark these sites on their own computers and mobile smartphones as well as on any computer that a senior parent uses.

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