PointerWare Review @ Transition Aging Children

Check out the post reviewing PointerWare at Transition Aging Parents. I was thinking about reviewing this amazing software, but Dale Carter beat me to it with her wonderful post. Dale describes the ease and functionality of the product as well as the steps she went through to set up PointerWare on her mother’s computer. She is also on target with her observation about the digital divide extending to the elderly — a topic I could talk about for days on end.

Even before I learned the background of PointerWare and why the program was developed, it was clear that the programmers had personal experience with aging adults and understood problems that many elderly individuals experience when they attempt to use a technology tools.

I’d like to find a retirement community that uses PointerWare and observe how it works in a residential setting with shared computers.

2 thoughts on “PointerWare Review @ Transition Aging Children

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  2. Thank you for sharing my review.

    I agree with your desire. My mother is in a wonderful CCRC in Maryland but their “computer room” is a small, dingy room in the basement with very little use other than by the few who are tech savvy.

    Please let me know if you find and are able to observe.

    Also, do you know about the AgeTek weekly calls online Thursday at 2pm Eastern? Great forum about enabling technology products and services.



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