iPad for Dad, #8 – Quick Update and a Few Resources

A quick update, because I have not visited my parents all week. We’ve talked on the phone and chatted via email, but I need use care and not to make Dad feel too much pressure. He is an eager learner, but not quite at the speed that I would like him to move. As a teacher, I should know not to push too hard — no one  learning something new likes to be pushed around.

Confusing Moment of the Week: The iPad went about updating itself. Automatic updates are confusing to less experienced technology users.

Moving On: Beginning the 27th or 28th of June our family will vacation together, and the iPad will come along. My dad and I will work/play with the iPad almost every day for more than a week. Sometime that week I’ll post a report. I also think it would be fun to make a podcast of the two of us discussing the iPad learning experience.

Some Interesting iPad Resources Discovered this Week (some for seniors and some for other ages)

  1. iPad For Seniors For Dummies, by Nancy C. Muir, will be available at your favorite bookstore or book web site on July 20, 2010.  The book looks good, and I will probably purchase a copy to have on hand. As much as I hate the word Dummies in the title, this is a helpful little book. My father is merely amused by the word.  Here’s the link for Barnes and Noble.
  2. How the iPad Can be a Senior Saver from US News and World Report
  3. 40 Amazingly Educational iPad Apps for Kids at a site that promotes online education. I am not endorsing this site in any way, but the iPad Apps for kids are interesting and may be useful for any senior who wants to have fun sharing an iPad with a digitally native grandchild.
  4. iPad Opens digital Doors for the Elderly at SmartPlanet.com
  5. Eldergadget Blog –  iPad Apps for Seniors, VBookz Review
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