Aging Parents: Washington Post Caregiving-Financing Series

This past Sunday personal finance columnist, Michelle Singletary, wrote about her introduction to aging parent/adult child caregiving, explaining how her father-in-law, in his 80’s, requires daily assistance and has moved in with his children (her family). Writing in the May 16, 2010 Washington Post, Singletary explores the challenges that exist for her and members of her family, makes observations about what planning is necessary for families in a caregiving situation, and predicts what the family might discover in the future. She plans to share observations, activities, resources and, of course aging parent financial issues as her family moves along  into the elderly parent caregiving experience

Singletary’s column is syndicated through the Washington Post Writers’ Group — where you can read a complete and interesting biography and learn more about her writing and other personal finance projects — so her columns also appear in 120 other newspapers.  Moreover, this reporter has demonstrated that she is has common sense, is well-grounded and understands the needs of people who have limited budgets. Be aware that she spares nothing with her advice to save money, save more money, and then save some more.

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