More on Seniors and Falling

Yesterday, May 13, 2010, the Los Angeles Times Booster Shots Blog reported yet more research on seniors and falling. This time the research comes from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, investigated how aging seniors in California follow their doctors’ medical recommendations after a fall. Check out the blog posting by Jeannine Stein for additional  information and explanation.

Of note in the report itself, but not in the blog posting, is a data chart that depicts what steps seniors said they took after a fall to help prevent other falls. Click on the graph to link to the report and a larger version of the graph. The UCLA report is titled Older Californians at Risk for Avoidable Falls.

Several days ago another friend’s mother fell, was taken to the hospital. As a result of her fall, her life is changing dramatically. Over the past eight months I have posted more on seniors, falling, and related fall prevention resources than almost any other subject. Many of those past As Our Parents Age posts are featured on the right side of this page under the heading Personal Fall Prevention.  Also, check out this link to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) page that describes the economic costs of older adult falls.

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