iPad for Dad, #1 – Getting the iPad Ready for Dad

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Today I purchased an iPad for my dad’s 87th birthday. I’ve played around and learned how to use it (very easy), and will deliver it to him tomorrow morning. I’ll report as soon as possible on how tomorrow’s first iPad lesson goes. Stay posted.

Applications that I downloaded:

  • The New York Times
  • WBGH Classical Music
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • A newspapers app that allows my dad to choose newspapers by state
  • An app called Free Books (lots of books out of copyright)

Books that I added:

  • Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Cicero and some poetry
  • The Bible and a Concordance (Dad is a retired minister.)
  • Several Shakespeare plays
  • John Milton

Bookmarks added:

  • The Library of Congress
  • Several magazine sites
  • His colleges and graduate schools
  • PBS news programs
  • C-Span
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • The White House
  • … and more

18 thoughts on “iPad for Dad, #1 – Getting the iPad Ready for Dad

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  2. I am in the process of writing a review of the iPad for seniors and saw your post in Laurie Orlov’s Technology Watch, I agree this is a game changer – but still think there is a lot of room for improvement on the interface for seniors. A simple feature like being able to change the size of the icons (as opposed to the zoom feature) would be a big help. Apps like e-mail (great interface) could also use bigger icons within as well. I’ll include link on another comment when I post my review. Interested in any thoughts you would have on it.
    – Michael


    • Hi Michael,
      I am thrilled to hear about what you are doing! I agree with your comments and look forward to your review. In addition, one thing that is really needed for this age group is an old-fashioned users manual, or at least something that senior users can print out (preferably not with the words idiots or dummies in the title). I find my parents are great at following instructions, however they are a bit at sea when the expectation is the they will play around until they figure it out. This philosophy works for my generation but not theirs.


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  5. I’m not 87 but I want one. This is a great device for reading just about anything. Would like it to be a little thinner though. It is one of the best selling products this year and ranked number one at http://www.casadegifts.com I would add the Skype app to your list of pre loaded software. Then you can stay connected.


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  10. Oh how fun! Talk about that old saying, “Great minds run along the same track” – we must both have scintillatingly brilliant minds. My senior mom finally decided to give the iPad a try, after years of “running” from technology. She’s learning, I’m teaching, we’re having fun (mostly 🙂 ) as she discovers new things she can and can’t do on the iPad. I’m writing all about it at SandwichINK. And would you believe it, my running title for it is “iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family!” And boy, it is an adventure isn’t it! Very challenging! You’ve been at it longer than us. I’m really looking forward to reading all about your adventures! And another fun thing I discovered – the pix of your daughter at a Mac 20 years ago! That was our daughters as well – we got our first Mac the year after they came out. Congrats to you for also being a finalist for SeniorsHomes.com Thank you for a very delightful visit. Be sure and tell your dad MEGA KUDOS!!! And yes, I’m now following you on Twitter and here. Have a blessed and beautiful day!


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