Dementia: Choosing Her Own End-of-Life Strategy

Take a few minutes to read a post at the Intrepid Paper Girl blog about the life and dementia-related death of journalist Lynn Forbish. Forbish’s last years of life demonstrate how people with dementia continue to think, feel emotions, and make decisions. Her end-of-life experience illustrates the cognitive model that researcher Justin Feinstein and University of Iowa colleagues presented in the journal article Sustained Experience of Emotion After Loss of Memory in Patients with Amnesia (abstract). A related post here on As Our Parents Age, Dementia: Emotions May Continue, highlighted the small study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The author of Intrepid Paper Girl is a Nieman fellow at Harvard. If you enjoy reading newspapers, like journalism in general, or just want to live vicariously the dream of many an aging child  — winning a funded year to return to a big university campus as an adult, when you can really appreciate it — this is a blog to enjoy.

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