Aging Parents: ElderGadget Reviews for Older Consumers

Thanks to the Oregon Choice Blog Round-up for the tip about, a site with product reviews on a wide range of “elder-friendly” products. I’ve looked at the sections on digital cameras, luggage, vacuums, and coffee makers, and they are filled with helpful information.

I was especially excited to see Eldergadget’s review of the iPad as a possible digital tool for aging parents. I am thinking about purchasing the lower priced iPad as a birthday present for my father, soon to be 87. If I follow through with my idea, I’ll document our experiences here on the blog.

If continues to review products and considers adding some in the elderly aging parent category, it will help to fill in huge enormous knowledge gap that exists when aging children are suddenly on the prowl for products (telephones, TV remotes, radios) that can help parents maintain as much control with as many activities of daily living as possible.

One thought on “Aging Parents: ElderGadget Reviews for Older Consumers

  1. Hi martiw,
    Thank you for your suggestions. It’s very helpful to hear what readers like, as you and your parents are the reasons we created this blog in the first place.
    We’re happy that you find our site educational and informative. We also wanted to let you know that an even more in-depth review of the iPad 3G will be coming shortly, as soon as the devices are mailed out.
    Keep the suggestions coming, and feel free to visit (and comment) anytime.


    The ElderGadget Editorial Team


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