NIH Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease

NIH State-of-the-Science Conference

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

April 26-28, 2010        Bethesda, MD

Register Online (there is no registration fee to attend this conference)

Agenda (Monday – Wednesday proceedings)   Background Information

A conference to evaluate the available scientific information on Alzheimer’s disease and develop a statement that advances understanding of the issue. Health professionals and the public are welcome. The proceedings will be webcast.
Discussion Topics Include

  • What factors are associated with the reduction of risk of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • What factors are associated with the reduction of risk of cognitive decline in older adults?
  • What are the relationships between the factors that affect Alzheimer’s disease and the factors that affect cognitive decline?
  • What are the therapeutic and adverse effects of interventions to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • What are the therapeutic and adverse effects of interventions to improve or maintain cognitive ability, or preserve cognitive function? Are there different outcomes in identifiable subgroups?

If recommendations for interventions cannot be made currently, what studies need to be done that could provide the quality and strength of evidence necessary to make such recommendations to individuals?

What happens at an NIH consensus conference?

  • At the conference, invited experts will present information pertinent to these questions, and a systematic literature review prepared under contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) will be summarized.
  • Conference attendees will have ample time to ask questions and provide statements during open discussion periods.
  • After weighing the scientific evidence, an unbiased, independent panel will prepare and present a consensus statement addressing the key conference questions.

Other Information

Please visit our e-toolkit which includes short drop-in newsletter articles, a Web button, a prewritten email notification of the event, etc.

If you’re on Twitter, we encourage you to use the conference hashtag #NIHALz, before, during, and after the conference!

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