Aging Children – Check Out this Blog: Help! Aging Parents

Recently I’ve been reading the blog Help! Aging Parents, so I decided to add it to my blog lists as well as subscribe via RSS to the most recent three posts. I like Susan’s blog mission, sharing thoughts, ideas, and encouraging our own lifelong learning as we support our aging parents. Yesterday’s post, Aging Parents, Little Things Mean a Lot, made me consider, as I do repeatedly, the importance of the smallest things we do, and how they often mean the most.

My husband’s mother just loved to come to our house, even when it was physically hard for her, to share spaghetti dinner with us. Sometimes I was so tired on Friday night that I considered canceling it (but we never did). To celebrate Mother’s memory and the great support she received at Chesterbrook Residences, we return to her former assisted living community every other Friday night and help in the dining room there (we always have great fun). As people leave to return to their apartments they always wave and say, “See you in two weeks!”

Little things really do mean a lot.

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