Software Reference Guides for Aging Parents and Aging Children

Sample Image from Custom Guide Reference Sheet

Check out the Custom Guide website for a large number of free “how to” software documents, many in pdf (this means easy to download and open) format. Reference tutorial sheets are available for most of the Microsoft Office programs, for PC and Mac operating systems, and for a number of other software programs. Older versions are included, so if  a computer is still using an older MS Word, for instance, a Custom Guide reference chart is available. There are sections for Mac and PC.

Working on a computer is good for an aging parent’s memory and good for the brain, to the extent that the person is learning something new.

The site also sells online software courses, and from some basic sleuthing, the courses look like they are well done.

When I help seniors with technology tasks, I’ve found that they often want to take copious notes, because this is the way they have always learned efficiently. Unfortunately the note-taking keeps them from the actual practice on the computer. The Custom Guide reference sheets cover all of the important topics so that the notes are already available. Senior learners can make notes right on these documents, so they do not have to spend so much time writing.

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