Aging Parents and Dementia: JAMA Study Redux

Wow! I discovered the JAMA article about dementia, hospitalization and the elderly and mentioned it here on the blog several days ago, on March 4, 2010 — before the Vital Signs blog at the NY Times discussed it on March 8th. How exciting to once-in-a-while be ahead of the Times (which by the way I revere)!

However, the Times piece includes far more detail than I reported. If you want to learn more the link will be useful since most people will need to go to a library to look at the JAMA article. I am also adding the Vital Signs link, Aging: Cognitive Decline and Hospitalization, to my dementia resource list.

2 thoughts on “Aging Parents and Dementia: JAMA Study Redux

  1. Many of my posts on this blog concern dementia because my husband and I spent the past several years helping to care for a family member through her last years of life. I’ll put the links at the bottom of this comment. Most of my posts are comments, observations, and ideas based on the caregiving and the reading that we have done. Within the postings are links that take you to various sites like the Mayo Clinic and Alzheimer’s Association, where expert resources and explanations are posted. It is difficult to tell whether dementia is Alzheimer’s unless an autopsy is conducted after a person dies. Please feel free to be in touch if you want to be directed to additional resources.


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