NIH Senior Net – A Senior Friendly Site

…and Tips for Making a Website Senior Friendly

Take a few minutes to visit this NIH Senior Health site. Bring an aging parent along. Notice the great care that has been taken to make the site easy-to-read with large type and navigation links that are clear and uncluttered. This site is full of information on a broad range of health topics of interest to senior adults.

People and organizations designing websites for senior adults should also read this PDF document, Making Your Web Site Senior Friendly. The PDF, published jointly by The National Library of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging, provides simple and easy-to-read instructions on topics such as typeface, font size, physical spacing, color, and much more. The right decision on these topics can make the difference between seniors using a site and cruising right by to look for something else. The National Institute on Aging web site is also an example senior-friendly design.

According to Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD (check out his interesting podcasts), Director of The National Library of Medicine, “Good information is the best medicine for older adults. Web site designers can help seniors find answers to their medical questions from the comfort of their own home thanks to this Checklist and the Internet.” Aging children who help care for aging parents already know this, but big thanks to the library for selling this concept to web designers.

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