Google Buzz and Gmail: Heads Up for Seniors and Everyone Else

If you or your parents use Gmail, as we do, be alert for the new Google Buzz. It is easy to check your e-mail and suddenly find yourself connected into Buzz, and right now if this happens there is almost no privacy.

This is a newfangled social networking platform like Facebook or MySpace, but it is invasive, and too easy to join. 

Google is a reliable company, and it is already making sensible changes, but stay away from Buzz, and encourage senior parents to stay away while the kinks are getting worked out. And for the time being, especially avoid filling out the profile.

Same advice goes for your teenagers/grandchildren.

I’ve found, that while seniors are leery about giving away personal information, they are adept and even enthusiastic about online information forms in trusted virtual  forums.

Discourage everyone from giving away more than a few bits of information on these virtual profile tools, whether they be for e-mail, Facebook, club or church databases, or other platforms.

Buzz Info and Warning Links …


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