As Time Goes By — a Great Blog

I expect to have aging parents for some years to come, so I am always on the lookout for other blogs that cover senior issues, especially those that feature great writing.

The other day I mentioned Life with Father because it is wonderfully written and fun to read. Check out the most recent post, Love is a Many-Doctored Thing, that addresses with insight and humor, the multi-doctored world that envelops our aging parents.

For several months I have also been reading, As Time Goes By, a blog that features good writing on a broad array of issues. Its postings are authored by a range of writers including Saul Friedman, whose column is Gray Matters. I have been a fan of Friedman’s for some time, when he wrote for Newsday and even before that.

Here on my blog I document the experiences, issues, stories, and concerns generated by my family (two only-child boomers and their aging parents). I examine and think about the issues, trying not to dwell too much on feelings (though feelings are important to include). The writing on As Our Parents Age is from my perspective, with considerable input from my husband, and I am committed to linking readers to sites that provide additional information about the topics. I also write about technology and seniors, an interest of mine, given my years of training technology users of all ages. My blog readers, in theory, are people my age who have aging parents and who want confirmation, more information, or extra reassurance, or an occasional laugh about aging parent topics.

What I especially like about reading As Time Goes By  is how the writing and the features are  intergenerational — attractive and interesting to people in my parents’ age range as well as to people in my age group (boomer). Over the past several months I have read a number of thoughtful, informational, and timely posts, in addition to Friedman’s columns, and I have sent a number of these links to my parents, who also find them interesting. Intergenerational writing — that is an achievement.

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