Mother’s Memorial Service

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Our goal was to plan a memorial service that celebrated the life of my husband’s mother. As she was two months shy of her 91st birthday, it was important to us that we honor her by remembering the person who lived so well for most of 89 years instead of the person who became progressively sicker during the last 18 months of her life.

We wanted to hold the memorial service at the place where Mother lived so other members of her assisted living community would be able to attend.

Held this past Thursday afternoon, Mother’s service included three of the Psalms that she loved, numbers 23, 100, and 121. We also included Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; 11 (To everything there is a purpose…). We sang two verses of two hymns, “The Strife is Over” and “Oh God Our Help in Ages Past.”

I shared a remembrance of Mother that I had written, recalling her love of traveling to New York City as well as her zeal for books and reading, all wonderful memories and legacies that she is leaving for us. I will post this remembrance  soon.

After the benediction we all sang “New York, New York.”

We will hold a second memorial service in South Carolina in late March.

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