Caregiving and Snow Storms

Saturday morning

Our area is in the middle of a huge snow storm. As we anticipated the storm, my husband and I worried about how we would coordinate Mother’s care.  Our area tends to come to a standstill when it snows, and this storm is much larger than any other December snowstorm in the past 20 years.

The storm started early on Friday evening, and late on Saturday evening it is still going strong.

We knew that it might be difficult for us to get to mother at her assisted living apartment, and we also knew that several of her caregivers might not be able to get there. As we were thinking about what to do we considered bringing mother to our house and realized that would not work because of the number of steps and the need for constant supervision.We also thought of camping out over at her apartment for the two days.

The best solution came from one of Mother’s caregivers who generously came to the rescue.She offered to arrive on Friday night and stay through the mid-day on Sunday, sleeping at mother’s apartment. We’ve kept in touch by phone and mother is doing just fine. How lucky we are.

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