Oxygen II

Mother was right. We did not know how to correctly put the oxygen tube nose piece on her head. She was agitated for a reason last night and was probably uncomfortable.

Today when we went over to visit, Dolma, her caretaker showed us how to operate the oxygen. Dolma helped Mother put it on and then she was quite relaxed about it. The University of Michigan Health System has this information sheet on home oxygen use.

The way the face part works is that the breathing tube piece, called a cannula, goes into her nostrils like the image to the left.  The plastic tubing then goes up, over, and around her ears and then below her chin so that the two parts meet and go down in front.

We need to be a bit better about not learning on the job. Instead it is important to get someone to teach us how to do things in advance rather than learning on mother. The routine and the things she expects are quite important right now.

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